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Kamis, 28 Maret 2013


EYANG SUBUR, which is touted as "smart people" from the Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta, and immediately celebrated by the print and electronic media as excited. What's behind the splashy news around rowdy Grandmother Fertile?
Audience of readers and viewers in a matter of seconds dropping sledgehammer statement in response to questions about a scene Grandmother Fertile.
By using everyday vernacular speech, full of astonishment blaze statement, "Today gini, gini days ... there are those who believe such a thing?"
Departing from the testimony of a number of artists who claimed to have come into contact with the grandparent Lush, started the mass media turn the symptoms of "another world" as a splashy, meaning something that is shocking and disturbing thrill because the curiosity of readers.
Vocabulary "smart people", "the other world", "mysticism", "unseen world" is like electricity. Electrical energy has the power to turn the lights on, but no one really saw it as a form of electrical energy what.
Vocabulary that surrounds a scene and then hoist the Fertile Grandmother reader's understanding that there is someone you trust has a special gift to be able to see things that are not visible. The unseen, then expected auspicious for life, without including the work effort.
In Jakarta, a full life business competition, there are some famous expressions, among others, would like your business streaking, do not forget the offerings to the mountain, to the mountain. Want bolted political career, please go to smart people named XYZ.
In the world of the artist, there are a number of effective speech recognition Fertile Grandmother. "I think parents grandparent, I wrote silahturahmi not no other purpose. Grandmother I never assume that teacher. Grandmother was the time that I saw had charisma," said the versatile artist Dorce Gamalama.
There was also recognition of a private sector employee who claims to be a disciple of Fertile Grandmother from 1995 until 2005, Joko Triono. He revealed that the victim Fertile Grandmother were from government officials and the military, although it signaled the end proved absurd.
Grandmother excited Fertile sticking to the surface when Adi Bing Slamet and a number of victims of the Fertile Grandmother stated testimony about false teaching and a wad of adverse treatment of grandparent Fertile.
"I'm here with my friends who had a very bitter experience. Misguided sesesat We contrived-misguided," he said when met at Adi Cilanda area, South Jakarta.
Sesesat-misguided misguided expression then framed with a number of adverse behavior, such as the victim's contrived madness, is like falling from a height, asked to surrender some property to be charismatic figure, the wife used by people who have touted mystical powers, even forbidden to worship according to their religious procedures.
On the one hand, mass media held dogma that the reader is often looking and enjoying everything from a world full of speculation, the world can not look for the truth end of the base.
On the other hand, the mass media has an obligation "mengilmiahkan what people experience and feel in everyday life," meaning that the mass media should not plummet in the world of shamanism that can not be accounted for by reason.
Is not the sacred mission of the mass media, one of which communicates all the experience of the people in the frame of rationality?
Behind splashy figure, who actually Grandmother Fertile? In the eyes of comedian Tessy, the old man is not a quack. "Originally he was a tailor," said the group's Srimulat buffoonery. "I understand when my friends came to his house at dusk, pray tell Grandmother Fertile instead."
Similar recognition Srimulat expressed by members of the other, who knows Fertile Gogon since 1983. "We never disyarati and I never asked to be famous," he said.
While paranormal Permadi argue that Lush is a shaman. Fertile Grandmother residence just like the kasepuhan. There they discuss and talk about illness, religion, and country.
Well, when the media highlights excited about Fertile grandparent, the targeted coverage of the magic questions. Magic in the true sense of the unseen that is a technique to master nature, mastering people, even mastering the Divine.
According to the observations of philosophers of religion, Nico Gratitude Dister OFM in his book Religious Experience and Motivation, magic is not a religion in the true sense, because it is released from its religious context, so that it stands alone as a sheer technical mastery.
In the articulation of the "other world", "mysticism", and "the unseen world", there are those who dominate, there are those who ruled.
"Another World", "mysticism", and "the unseen world", in fact a mixture of religion and imagination techniques, which always inclined degenerate into an attempt to make a profit in an attempt to dominate the other. Ngetrennya term "witchcraft".
Symptoms completely mystical, in the eyes of the reading of the philosopher Franz Magnis-Suseno SJ, when writing about political thinkers Tan Malaka, wrote that the reason behind one of the Indonesian nation since the nation is still caught up in Logic Mistika.
Tan Malaka in his Madilog mistika point that logic is the logic of magic, that way of thinking that does not explain all that is happening in the real world to find the reasons Musababnya in the real world, but with a return to action in the nature spirits of the supernatural that are behind reality.
They are still wrapped by the magic of logic can not be guaranteed to embrace progress, because he expects all the progress of the grace of supernatural forces. This is the meaning that must be held by the mass media when proclaiming excited about Fertile Grandmother.
If the Indonesian people want to be a great nation, then he should let go and disarm credence to supernatural powers, mystical powers and immediately turned to the use of science.
It is, "the marriage of science and engineering," as Tan Malaka in his work titled Madilog. The trick? to think logically!
According to him, logical thinking simply means that "surely be answered with certainty issues anyway". Is not the task of the mass media to proclaim all the problems in order to find answers that are approaching certainty? The media needs to logical reasoning, not reasoning magical.
When the media processing Fertile excited grandparent, then the media needs to do a rigorous and detailed distinction (distinction).
Meaning? The media needs to distinguish between the real with the imaginary, between the definite with the dubious, the right to a blur, between what is useful to the useless.
When the news media reported the news and publish all of the nuances of "another world", "mysticism", and "the unseen world", the mass media were impoverished and empty the meaning of human life or human made solely mere tools.
When Grandmother Fertile interpret a scene, the mass media are required to give a sense of certainty (sense of certainty), rather than just presenting things uncertain.
In a joke, "the question was answered with certainty surely also" often interfere with those who have power in government offices or private, in public or private bureaucracy. One answer, do not have a ghost in your heart.

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